About eko-banz

Welcome to eko-banz! My name is Diana and I am so excited to make and share these collections of colorful and uniquely patterned headbands, hats and other accessories. They are artist designed for active people of all ages who are not afraid to have fun! Using sustainable bamboo and eco-friendly, water based inks we make products for those that want to stand out and also feel good! People that are on the go and know that life is too short to be boring!

I live in the beautiful Western Mountains of Maine, where hiking and skiing are a way of life, and needing to keep warm is as common place as eating or sleeping! All year round, if you are looking for a colorful, fun and unique item you will not be disappointed!  So many whimsical patterns why not start your collection today! 

I would love to hear about your adventures! Send me your pictures of the amazing places eko-banz and other items travel to! I hope you are as excited about your purchase as I am, but if for any reason you are less than happy, please don't hesitate to contact me. 100% money back assurance!

Diana Thomas Studio
162 Reeds Mill Road
Madrid Twp, ME 04966