Trail Town Festival 2016

Heading to Rangeley, Maine this weekend where I will be showcasing eko-banz hats and other items this Saturday, September 3 at the Trail Town Festival 2016! This annual event is now in its 4th year of honoring everything related to the Appalachian Trail, which passes through the western mountains several miles to the north of my studio and home, and just south of Rangeley. This event celebrates one of the longest marked trails in the country! At 2,186 miles long, hikers follow the white blaze marker through 14 different states! Each section of the trail has its own unique characteristics, and the 282 miles through Maine are known as the most strenuous and remote. I recently shuttled a young woman hiking the trail on her own back to the trailhead after a short sojourn to bulk up on provisions. She had been on the trail already a month and was in good spirits and eager to make it to the southern terminus by Christmas Day. It was inspiring to hear of her adventure and I wished her well as she disappeared back into the woods. While 4-6 months of hiking is not feasible for me, hiking the Maine section is on my lifetime bucket list! In the meantime, I hope the beautiful weather continues into the weekend as we celebrate this most glorious of adventures!












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