Moving Right Along

Bamboo lined headbandsMoving right along! Behind the scenes so much is going on! I am gaining on the inventory and planning ahead, ordering new prints and finding new sources for textiles. I am still so pumped about all these fun, whimsical fabrics and I can't wait until photos are done and website is loaded to give a good shout out to the virtual world! Shopify has great online learning tools and are very supportive of their clients. I get regular e-mails chock full of great info, and a lot of encouragement! I just need to keep my focus and finish one phase before I start another many ideas and so little time! Be on the lookout for new prints,new hat styles and a great new headband.

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  • Trudi Thomas

    Really very impressive, practical and fun. Love everything you do – will tell all my friends about it, too.

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