The Adventure Begins

Life is all about adventure!  Sometimes not the ones we anticipate, but adjusting to what comes your way can be incredibly rewarding and almost always has a silver lining of some kind!  I find myself in such a position and have found the last few months working on "Eko-banz" to be incredibly exciting and fun filled.  I have enjoyed every aspect, but am especially fueled by the bold prints and vivid colors of the fabrics! I am familiar with making things by hand, having spent over 20 years making and selling wood-fired pottery.  While still active in the clay studio, I was searching for something that offered a little more ease.  Clay can be humbling and difficult, and although it is one of the most amazing and versatile materials in the world, I was seeking something that was a bit friendlier to work with, to store, and to ship. I am excited to share this adventure with you and in time will be adding more products to the line of hats and neck warmers.  I look forward to hearing about the travels of the Cool Cat products, and adding photos I receive from you to the album for all to see!  So, let's go...let's have some fun and see where this adventure takes us!


  • Alexander Mark

    I love the fabrics. Do you do custom work for schools or teams?

  • Trudi Thomas

    Very exciting and beautiful and in keeping you warm, practical. Congratulations! Very special!

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